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Where You Go
When my unrequited first love, Luke Waterford, returned home from deployment, he was even more gorgeous than the last time I saw him years ago. Then when he offered to help me move into my new place, I had to say yes. Then I said yes again when he asked if I’d be his date to a military ball. It’s like something out of a fantasy. Standing here in a fancy gown with Luke staring at me like he’s been waiting his whole life to hold me like this. And when he asks me to consider a life with him, I’m sure I must be dreaming.

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Love Ordained
When Gina Andros loses her husband Alex and almost two-year old daughter Teresa in a car accident, her world falls apart. Her mother-in-law Helena, a woman she views as a second mother, blames her for the accident and cuts her out of her life. Doing so, she turns her family, including Gina’s best friends, Anna and Christian, away from her. Gina falls deep into the pit of grief, but slowly the family starts to heal—due in part to a major event in her life. But not before Helena goes to great lengths to derail Gina’s recovery. Will Helena’s heart melt, bringing the family back together?

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