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SciFi and Fantasy

Rebirth of a Warrior Angel
Oranus is done standing by while the humans of the World Below slaughter each other. Time and time again he set out with Noga and the rest of his angel comrades to help the oppressed tribes of the Continent of the Fallen Star fight against the tyrannical Kadanita clan. But the fighting continues, and Oranus and Noga are left to watch as darkness spreads across the lands of man. But not all is lost. Heeding the plight of the Continent’s peoples, Noga and Oranus descend to the continent to inhibit the bodies of Rebecca and Adrian – one a caring healer, the other a ruthless prince of the warrior tribe. No longer the ethereal guardians, the two decide to use their human bodies to guide the World Below and its inhabitants towards a better future.

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Eve of the Fae
Eve doesn’t believe in magic or fate. But when her carefully ordered life begins to unravel, she starts dreaming about the Faerie Queen depicted in a tapestry that hangs at her uncle’s family estate in England. The dreams rekindle her passion for history and give her a new plan for her future. Step one in that plan is a Christmas visit with her aunt and uncle at Lydbury Manor that she hopes will earn her an internship with her uncle. Unfortunately, a mysterious handsome stranger is also living at the manor and says he’s her uncle’s secretary.

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