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The Redhead
Each year, precisely two naturally red-haired women disappear in Vancouver.
Greta Morel was the first victim ten years ago, followed by another nineteen women until today. The mysterious people responsible for their disappearance left no trace while staging every abduction to look like each woman willingly left everything behind.
The lack of evidence of the potential crime had the Vancouver Police prioritizing the other cases.

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White Smoke Over the Vatican
After years of fighting terrorism all over the world, Dr. Gideon Ben Ari is finally ready for retirement. Now that his childhood-friend-turned-arch-terrorist Nimer el-Haladi secretly became a Mossad collaborator, Ben Ari contemplates finally putting his family life first. Then tragedy strikes. When news that Dr. Medani, Nimer El-Haladi’s second-in-command has taken over Iran’s cyber-terrorism efforts, Gideon decides to join forces with his former nemesis. Brought together by a common threat, they unearth a deadly plot that will take them from one holy land to another in an endeavor to stop the assassination of Pope Francis at the heart of Vatican city.

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