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SciFi and Fantasy

Devourer of Skies
Thad Bartok studies monsters in his free time, but when schools are shut down because of a sudden attack, he learns that his worst nightmare has come true — real live monsters are appearing on his shores. In a quest to save his loved ones, Thad joins fellow classmates Kales and Beechwood aboard a monster-hunting vessel, along with a crazy captain, a renegade pirate, and a magical water hound. But when they discover a mysterious radio signal claiming to have an answer to it all, their ship plunges into monster infested waters. Will Thad be able to retrieve the monster-killing serum from behind enemy lines? How will a mythical Telescope from a legendary pirate help in his quest? And will he have what it takes to face his fear and save the world?

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The Wayward Thief
Save magic or die trying. Maeve’s quiet life is thrown into danger when she helps Tristan. He’s lost, injured, and has just stolen magic from the capital. He is determined to topple a thousand years of oppressive rule, but at what cost? Maeve has no choice but to join him when a bounty is put on her head for aiding a criminal. Now, the two must travel cross country to a rebel base to save what Tristan stole. But Maeve is sorely out of her element, and Tristan seems to have more secrets than answers.

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