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Dot Meyerhoff Mystery Series Vol. 1-3
Freshly divorced and in need of cash, Dr. Dot Meyerhoff has taken a job as a police psychologist, even though she’s not quite prepared for the lack of respect throughout the department. Or the irascible police chief. It’s instantly clear that counseling cops isn’t easy, partly becausethey are uncommunicative and contemptuous of therapy. Yet it’s also obvious that they and their families deal with enormous pain every day.

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Murder on the Occident Express
Penny Küfer has just completed her first week of private detective training—whereupon she finds herself disinherited by her mother and abandoned by her fiancé. There is only one consolation left to her: the long-dreamed-of trip on the Occident Express, the most luxurious train ever to run on Europe’s rails. But even before the ambitious young sleuth can enjoy her first glass of champagne, she finds herself with a corpse—in her own compartment, no less.

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