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The Shoemaker’s Law
1941 . The armies of Germany and Romania take over the city of Czernowitz, quickly turning it from a peaceful, picturesque town to a Ghetto for over fifty thousand Jews. Aaron, a local shoemaker, frantically fights for the survival of his family – including his two-month-old baby. He decides to break all the rules, knowing that one wrong move will be his last. Half courageous, half desperate, Aaron decides to strike an unbelievable deal with the most unlikely figure – one that will guarantee his family’s safety from him. He will make himself useful in this ruined world, where soldiers hold your fate in their iron grip.

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Sober On A Drunk Planet
We live in a culture that celebrates alcohol use as if it were somehow different from the drugs we place legal restrictions on. We mark every occasion with alcohol, whether it’s a good day, bad day, new job, old job, divorce, wedding, funeral, birthday, holiday and the list goes on and on…you can always guarantee that someone, somewhere, is getting drunk… and it’s ‘normal’ to get drunk right? Alcohol is the one drug, that if we have too much of it we are shamed for our behaviour, but if we decide not to drink, we are classed as boring. We live on a drunk planet.

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