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Coming Up Short
A husband and wife find themselves repeating the same scene over and over as something large looms in the sky above them. An old woman who takes care of her Alzheimer’s inflicted husband is exasperated when she realizes he believes that his mother is at their front door. Her mother-in-law, who has been dead for many years. She wants to show him he’s wrong, however, opening the door to prove it to him is a bad idea. Something is waiting for them, lurking in the fog beyond the safety of their home.

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The Joker’s Wilde
Dark rituals and old gods. Devices and pacts that exact a terrible price. Childhood terrors and the slow trickle of blood dripping from that van. Truly terrifying, these twenty-four new stories by Brandon Faircloth will pull you deeper and deeper into a midnight world filled with horrors that will haunt you far past the final page.

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