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Steamy Romance

Feels Like Home
With her career imploding and a family history that reads like a trashy tabloid, Autumn Maddox can’t afford any more disasters if she wants to hold her head up high when she returns to her old home town. So she’s going to do the impossible—smile brightly at every “bless your heart,” ignore the not-so-subtle digs, and pretend the town’s sexiest bachelor is a monk. Well… two out of three isn’t bad, right?

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Sirens of the Past
Corporal Richard “Dick” Stevens, a foul-mouthed retired soldier who fought in the Great War, learned to make his way by playing the villain. But when a near-death skirmish thrusts him sixty-nine years into the future to 1988, he lands on a horse-breeding farm tended to by a beautiful, feisty woman. Camilla Foster spends her days training to be an opera singer while her nights are spent mucking out horse stalls in exchange for free room and board on the farm. Frustration gnaws at Cami since her inheritance would cover the training she’s desperate for, but she can only receive it once she’s married.

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Making the Switch
He was left alone, unsure of his future…She always thought she knew her path in life until someone got in the way. CAUTION: Alpha hero, bad-boy romance that’s utterly addictive and outrageously satisfying. Kristin Meadows loves her nights at KinkLink. The club is her outlet to release her desires and as a domme she anticipates the play — controlling her sub, gaining their trust, their loyalty. She loves it all. So why in the heck is she panting after her best friend’s husband’s brother? Yeah, the guy equaled sex on a stick, but he was no more a sub than she was and two doms don’t play well together.

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