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Coming Up Short 2
A man struggling with sin returns to his cabin in the woods to face his demons and is instead confronted by his dead wife. The Antique Emporium is a store that appears out of nowhere to offer the finest of yesterday’s household goods. It is run by a man as intent on selling his wares as he is devoted to filling the personal needs of his customers. But every antiquity comes with a warning. Sometimes the troubles we send away, stay away, and sometimes they return worse than they ever were.

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The Fourth Tier
The Fourth Tier is the first book of the Underworld series, a spin off from author Penn Fawn’s Necropolis dark fantasy novels. For the deceased, the underworld represents a terrifying awakening. It is where men who believe after they die they will sleep in eternal peace go, as opposed to being in a state where they are forever at rest. The fourth tier is the deepest, darkest, most terrifying place in the afterlife where only the most unfortunate souls might be downcast. It is home to the master of sorcery and dark arts, the necromancer, and his alliance of beasts and the undead.

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