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To Kill A Labrador
Marcia Banks likes to think of herself as a normal person, even though she has an unusual name (pronounced Mar-see-a, not Marsha) and a rather abnormal vocation. She trains service dogs for military veterans with PTSD.

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Murder is Universal
Flying in the middle seat can literally be murder. Upon landing in Westbrook, Susan Wiles and new friend Valerie Holmes discover the man sitting between them is dead, presumably from a heart attack. Of course, Susan notices his blue lips and the snack spilled out onto the floor. The dead passenger, owner of a successful college preparatory company, has made enemies as a result of accepting bribes in exchange for Ivy League acceptance letters. His widow, a colleague of Susan’s son-in-law, Jason, doesn’t feel the police are taking the murder seriously. Jason has told stories in the past about his mother-in-law’s success as an amateur sleuth inspiring the widow to enlist Susan’s help.

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Hope Springs Infernal
When Brighton Skeenbaur comes out of retirement, she comes out swinging. One minute she’s minding her own business, attending her monthly book club, and the next… bam, she’s staring at a dead body.

It’s been a long time since Brighton got involved in a murder mystery, but this time, she feels compelled. While her sleuthing puts her at odds with her son-in-law, and his entire department, Brighton can’t back down.

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