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Purrfectly Hidden
You know that feeling when you suddenly find a skeleton in your basement? You don’t? Well, I’m sorry to say that I do. And let me tell you, it’s not as enjoyable as it sounds. So when it happened to Marge, it’s safe to say she wasn’t thrilled. Add to that the mouse issue we’d been faced with, and my day was fraught with a measure of discomfort. Odelia immediately did what she does best: figuring out whoever had put that skeleton in her mother’s basement, while my fellow cats and I focused on what we do best: catching mice. Or actually we didn’t. You see, we might be cats, but we’re also felinists at heart, in the sense that we strongly feel every creature on God’s green earth has a right to live and thrive. Or at least that was our position before we met that mouse face to face. Suffice it to say he wasn’t a felinist, and things quickly got out of paw.

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Who’s Killing All My Old Girlfriends
Meet Charlie North, retired columnist, now blogger. With one of his blogs, he springboards to be the top suspect of cops from LA, Chicago and Miami for the murders of his three former girlfriends. Cornered, Charlie investigates the first murder. He hires a private detective, Reggie Parker, the daughter of a retired LAPD friend. As they dig up clues, Charlie dutifully reports their findings in his blogs.

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