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Ashes Beneath Her
Ashes Beneath Her combines a chilling paranormal tale with an edge-of-your-seat serial killer mystery. Each book in the Northern Michigan Asylum Series is a stand-alone novel.
Orla has a gift, an ability to sense things she touches: memories, traumas… murders. It’s a bright sunny day in 1975 when Orla varnishes without a trace.
She is not the first young woman to disappear into the dense forests of northern Michigan. As Orla’s best friend searches for clues as to her whereabouts, the tracks of a serial killer begin to emerge.

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US UK and CA

Four Dark Tales
Enter four dark worlds . . . ACID RAIN: A mother and her daughter get trapped in a gas station with strangers as a storm suddenly moves in, unleashing rain that destroys everything it touches. But is there something worse waiting in the rain? SAFE HAVEN: When the government, the Russian mob, and a drug cartel are after you, where do you go? There’s a safe haven for the super-rich running from their troubles – a beautiful tropical island – but there’s a heavy price to pay for safety. HEALER: Meet a teenage boy who heals a woman at the brink of death after a car accident. When a man who witnesses the miracle abducts the boy to heal his sick wife, things go horribly wrong.

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US UK and CA

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