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Deuce Mora Mystery Series Vol. 1-3
Deuce Mora’s one tough cookie–-a female sleuth with a conscience and an attitude–fiery, tough, athletic, a dirty fighter when she has to be. The scrappy lead columnist for the Chicago Journal normally writes about politics, and, rather than shying away from fights, she tends to pick them, but every once in a while, Deuce’s search for a good story brings her face to face with more trouble than she was really looking for.

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The Gypsy
The Gypsy: Beautiful, mysterious, haunted by her past. Alone against an army of assassins. Adam Cain: Big, dangerous, and recently single. Maybe she doesn’t have to fight alone. All Cain wanted that night was to have a few beers with his best friend, forget about the Army, forget Afghanistan, and forget that his latest girlfriend had just walked out on him. Then a beautiful woman sat down next to him at the bar, smelling of exotic oils and pheromones. Cain was just starting to think his luck might have changed when all hell broke loose!

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