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SciFi and Fantasy

Lake Of Sins
Every year after harvest the weakest are removed from the encampment. None of them are ever seen or heard from again. Trinity’s only hope of escape lies in the forest. She’s not afraid of the creatures that live there. There’s nothing bigger than foxes in those woods, except this time something is different. This time she’s hunted from land and sea by predators that should only exist in legends. Surrounded by three enemies. Surrender is her only option, but which one should she choose?

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Water is the most yielding of all elements, changing to fit its container, whether that be a thimble or a lake bed. At the same time, anyone who has ever watched the unrelenting progression of a tsunami understands its raw power. Associated with mutability and the subconscious, Water is both the tranquil azure of a tropical sea and the tumultuous waves and whitecaps of an embroiled ocean. As many faces as Water may wear, the creatures within and associated with it have even more.

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