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The Fulcrum
While investigating a suspicious plane crash that killed his former army unit, FBI Special Agent Zack Wilder uncovers evidence that the victims were all unknowing participants in an unauthorized and sinister experiment perpetrated by a clandestine organization: the Fulcrum.
Zack is determined to discover the reason behind the deaths and bring the perpetrators to justice. But when a ghost from his past re-appears, it becomes clear that the responsibility lies closer to home than he could have ever imagined. Because Zack has a secret. One that could destroy his friends and enemies alike.

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Everett, Washington is rife with crime. Bikini-clad baristas promoting prostitution. Drugs and the property and violent crimes that follow, plus the tentacles of organized crime making inroads. All of this, along with a corrupt mayor, leave the police department barely able to cope.
Long-time resident Maria Janson, scion to the powerful Janson Timber and Mining fortune, has thrown her hat in the ring to become Everett’s next mayor. She vows to eradicate the evil forces decimating her city, straighten out the police department, and restore Everett to a community all can be proud of.

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Cross Winds
A friend’s missing sister might be the one thing that will blow her off course.

Medically discharged from the Navy after crashing her F/A-18 Super Hornet, Talia “Colt” Levin has given herself three months to kick off her new career as an airline pilot. Nothing’s going to wreck her plans this time. Not even when a friend asks for her help finding his missing sister.

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