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Snatched Up to Heaven
Running up to her mom one morning, four-year-old Priyanka nonchalantly mentioned that Jesus had taken her and her two-year-old sister Deepika to heaven during the previous night. In the days that followed, the sisters amazed their parents with their vivid descriptions of what they saw and experienced in heaven and hell over the course of several visits there. Within the constraints of their limited preschool vocabulary, the girls described deep theological truths about eternity that often belied their years, speaking with remarkable clarity and boldness.

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Unleash Your Mind
Being “stuck” means your brain is repeating the same neurological firing patterns again and again. It happens in business, relationships, personal goals, and mental health, over and over. If you changed your neurological firing patterns, you could come up with new approaches and solutions in any area of your life. And let’s face it: The more flexible your mind is, the more solutions it can create in any given circumstance. With more solutions available, you can effectively navigate the areas that previously kept you stuck.

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