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SciFi and Fantasy

Queen of Frost
Only the truth can save her world. How far will she go to find it? Ember Mikailanova’s childhood home of Dusk is dying. She and her best friend, Eli, the only two young people left, flee in search of the mythical city of Frost. When they find it they are taken in by pale friendly folk with wide smiles and a talent for talking around all her questions without answering them. Ember finds work fixing the glitching automatons who serve the Queen and maintain the wall that separates the citizens of Frost from the monsters of the Wastes. But she can find no cause for their increasingly erratic behavior.

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Warlords of Llantatis
WARLORDS OF LLANTATIS’s graphics, gameplay, and immersive three-dimensional virtual reality experience took the online role playing gaming world by storm when it was first released – but it was first released over fifteen years ago. Now it’s a haunt for the nostalgic and unfashionable. Cyrus Baggett and Raj Rengarajulu have been pretending to be Smelrond of Quimnimbriel and Mordaxxe, Pwner of Noobs since college. Now they’re old, married, and wanted by most of the crowned heads, secret police organisations and demonic familiars of the game universe. They are considering growing out of this thing – at least, until they meet the Character With No Name. The Character’s player is living in one room, which he has never left and appears to be being held in against his will.

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