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Six billionaires. One unforgettable birthday bash. Now their livelihoods are in the hands of a stranger. Each is tasked a mission. If one fails, they all fail. Billionaires, no more. Personable Kade Phillips is given an assignment which makes no sense. Move the date of his newly discovered fashion designer’s show to an earlier month. Confused, Kade has no recourse except to go to New York City and do as he is told. Through his protégé, he meets Mia Takeda and his life changes overnight. Falling hard and fast for Mia, he discovers she could be in danger. Then it dawns on him. Is this really his mission? Kade gets no affirmative answer yet follows his heart to save the woman he loves.

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Pioneer Desire
A brilliant cook new to town. An honorable, restless man. Will they allow friendship to blossom into something more? Ardan O’Rourke never thought to marry. Not after the heartbreak he suffered as a young man. Not after the years he helped raise his youngest siblings. He never expected to meet Deirdre Finnegan, a spirited woman with a past full of secrets. Deirdre Finnegan is not who she appears to be. A fine cook and a loner, she yearns for so much more. When Ardan and the O’Rourkes befriend her, she cannot deny her desire to be part of the large, wonderful family. Just when she begins to believe in a new future, her past returns to remind her of all she has lost. And all she must face if she wants to live a life free of doubt and anguish.

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Her Fated Alpha
I’m a vampire huntress. Yet I get imprinted on by a pack alpha. I come from a long, extensive family of vampire hunters. I moved to Harrisonburg, Virginia to take care of my little sister, also a vampire huntress. But trouble calls me on speed dial and I discover a string of murders in town at the hands of a vampire. This isn’t a normal vamp, though. He’s playing with dark magic, something I’ve never dealt with before. On top of that, there’s a wolf pack in town and their alpha, Tyler Perkins, has fallen head over heels for me. To make matters worse, my sister dies at the hands of the vampire.

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