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The Hidden Self Revealed
Most of us go through life without really thinking about our true purpose. But there is so much to discover. A groundbreaking approach to spirituality, The Hidden Self Revealed is your guide to enlightenment, connection, and your inner world. When Naomi Babad experienced a divine revelation urging her to leave her life in the United States and embark on a journey to sow the seeds of a new enlightened humanity, she wasn’t sure what to think. But as she continued with her life, trying to ignore the nagging voice inside her that called her to this greater cause, she felt as though she was caught between two worlds.

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Demystifying Enlightenment
Do you long to know how your loved ones are doing in Heaven? Are you curious about the afterlife? Do you miss your late family members and yearn to ask them about their heavenly existence? Intrigued by the astonishing wisdom of other celestial residents? Dennis Macy, who possesses highly sensitive enhanced abilities, has helped countless individuals by delivering messages from the other side. Now he’s here to provide you with the comfort and understanding that comes from communicating with those who have passed on. Demystifying Enlightenment is a glimpse into what angels, spirits, and our dearly departed want us to know.

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