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SciFi and Fantasy

Port State
There are many ways to test humanity to destruction. Serving tea and cakes is one of them. And it is over tea and cakes that the enigmatic Mr. Day makes his proposition to skeptical diplomat Thaddeus Maine. The offer is for the United Kingdom to become the sole distributor of technology so advanced as to be out of this world. A conduit, delivering wonders to the rest of the globe. Naturally, the United Kingdom will want to attach a premium, to cover their costs and so forth…

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Apocalypse Online
Aron was a normal guy before the Alien Apocalypse began, but death and loss changed him. Now he is an angry alien killing machine. But there is more to life than just anger and death. When Aron meets other survivors he starts to find a reason to live. And when he meets the crazy Jo he finds a partner, but can the two of them grow strong enough to save the remainders of his family? Or will they become alien plant fertilizer?

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