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Detective Fallon Brooks is about to put the ‘case closed’ stamp on a fiery plane crash which took down Holotech Corporation corporate officers Dante Burke and Niles DeMortaine when a mysterious USB drive arrives in his mailbox. A USB containing information that could change the trajectory of the entire case. Brooks decides to give things another look. In what appears to be a bizarre coincidence, Samantha Bowman, comely wife of the third Holotech partner, mistook her husband for an intruder and shot him on precisely the same day the plane went down. As Brooks digs deeper, he starts to wonder what exactly went down that day in LA, and if he can set aside his ever-increasing attraction to the oh-so-lovely Samantha Bowman and find out what really happened that fateful day.

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Angela returns to Earth to search for and find the last two members of a group called the Ring. Together, the Ring can access crucial knowledge that the world desperately needs. Each member has unconsciously carried a piece of this knowledge over thousands of years. By reconnecting the pieces, they will help turn mankind’s negative, violent development on Earth into a positive, loving, and constructive progress. If the Ring doesn’t reunite now, it is doubtful that they will ever succeed.

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Bounty Hunter Jonathan
Jonathan Kettleman is an honorable bounty hunter who keeps himself busy with his work after the death of his wife. Each job is simple. All he does is bring in the outlaw and get paid. That is until the wealthiest woman in the state, Elizabeth Darton, shows up on the doorstep of the sheriff’s office. She begs the law to bring her daughter back to her. Isabella Darton is taken by one of the most notorious outlaws in the state. His name is Chester Dawson… and he wanted money.

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