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Steamy Romance

A Dash of Romance
With her brother Justin’s help, sweet, innocent Maggie Grant left the city and moved to Mountain Valley to work on her romance novel in peace. Her parents, very much against the decision, have decided to pay her a visit and drag her back home. In a moment of panic, Maggie tells them she won’t leave because she’s met the perfect man and they’re now living together. The only problem? He doesn’t exist.

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Tiger’s Gambit
The males of Ximera are in danger of being lost forever if they cannot replace the women the plague stole from them. One by one, each Ximeran is paired with a human female. Not all the women of Earth are fully human, however. Myself included. And when my transport is hijacked, I’m forced to show my true form to protect myself. Despite finding me amongst the shredded remains of my captors, my mate seems delighted by the tiger inside of me. But I fear the reality of being mated to a shifter may be more than he can stomach.

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A Highland Contract
Lennox Duncan was allergic to following good advice. That was why he was caught in the middle of a torrential rain storm with the wife of a laird draped across his saddle, riding hard for the forests to lose the men chasing after them. It should have been easy. A quick kidnapping, a hefty ransom, and then he wouldn’t need to worry about who would be paying his gambling debts or keeping the eye of his elder brother from following him across the countryside.

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