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Unbaked Croakies
My name is Naida Griffith and I’m a sorceress. I actually found that out not too long ago. I’ve lived with an undefined something burning in my belly for a while, feeling as if something wasn’t quite right under my skin. Then, on my eighteenth birthday I started getting headaches. Bad ones. And random stuff started following me around. Recently I was approached by a group called the Société of Dire Magic to become Keeper of the Artifacts. A magical librarian. Given that magical artifacts have taken to following me around, I decided I might have an aptitude for the job. So I said yes. But in the first few days, I’ve been flogged by flip flops, bludgeoned by gnomes, and discovered a corpse in a suitcase. Then there’s the woman who’s supposed to be training me. She’s…interesting.

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Don’t You Want Me?
As race riots erupt, Prince Charles and Lady Diana prepare to marry & New Romantics dance, an identity-shifting serial killer is operating in plain sight. But no-one has realised except Detective Inspector Anna Leeding, who has secrets of her own…Rated 4.3 on Amazon / 4.21 on Goodreads“Don’t You Want Me?” is an exciting, atmospheric retro-crime novel for fans of twists, thrillers, history, music, and popular culture.Amid Britain’s cultural and social upheaval of 1981,D.I. Anna Leeding suspects apparent accidents and suicides could be subtle acts of revenge, and strange blue charcoal messages may be the key to something bigger and deadlier.But in this cat-and-mouse story of vengeance, no-one is quite what they seem, and in 1981, when the New Romantics played with image, first appearances can be deceptive.

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Burden of Breath
Hannah Dyer’s estranged mother was abusive and an alcoholic. At the age of sixty she adopted an infant, but she dies, and Hannah must assume guardianship of her unknown adopted sister. Can Hannah overcome her own emotional and physical scars to do what’s right by the child? Burden of Breath alternates between Hannah’s childhood and her adult struggles to separate from her mother’s crippling influence, even from the grave. Anger and isolation force Hannah to confront her traumatic past, and she transforms her life in ways she could never have imagined.

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