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Heaven to Betsy
Dumped by her husband for a man, ex-rodeo queen Emily Bernal yearns for a fresh start. When a handsome local attorney named Jack offers her a gig, she’s not sure if it’s the right fit. But after a dead body takes a swan dive right in front of her and she learns a missing six-year-old girl is caught in the aftermath, Emily’s heart sends her from barrel racing to paralegal work in a hurry. As she and Jack interrogate the young girl’s tight-lipped mother, a string of strange coincidences don’t seem to add up. When sparks fly between her and her boss and dead ends start to become dead bodies, the race to save the girl comes down to the wire. Can Emily and Jack decipher their feelings and the contradictory clues before they become the next victims?

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Pranks and Pandemonium
Welcome to The Blue Spruce Coffee Shop Where the Java is Hot and the Murder is Cold Blooded. When a man is strangled with an unlikely weapon, suspicions arise among the Blue Spruce crowd. The victim wasn’t a boozer, womanizer, or a hooligan, but someone definitely wanted him dead. Could it be a disgruntled co-worker he tattled on or a spurned lover? Or maybe someone more nefarious living just under the radar of the locals. Miss Cleo has a new admirer, much to the chagrin of Robbie. Will Pequod, the myna bird, spill the beans on how Robbie really feels about Cleo? The bird’s big mouth is definitely going to be its downfall.

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