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The Charade
When my math tutor made me sign a contract promising I wouldn’t fall in love with him, I thought he was joking. He wasn’t. Yes, Carter Hastings is the prince of Eden Falls Academy—one of the most beautiful humans on earth—and boy, does he know it. But I can use this to my advantage. Since I basically signed a paper saying I’d never catch feelings for him, it makes my plan even more perfect.

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The Gilbert Girls Book Collection One
When Emma Daniels’ family finds itself destitute, she takes work with the Gilbert Company, which seeks young women to work at hotel restaurants along remote railroad lines out West. The rules for a Gilbert Girl are strict, and no courting is allowed. None of the rules present a problem for Emma, at least until she meets the hotel’s builder, Monroe Hartley. Building this hotel for the Gilbert Company is the perfect opportunity for Monroe. Not only will it advance his career, it barely gives him a moment to drown in guilt over his wife’s death. When Emma arrives, he finds himself drawn to her. But he can’t promise her anything, not unless he wants her to end up with the same fate his wife suffered.

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