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Climbing the Coliseum
Ed Northrup is overwhelmed by quiet despair. Still dealing with the fallout from a heartbreaking case, the despondent psychologist contemplates ending it all. But his constant stream of tortured thoughts take second place when his ex-wife drops off her angry teenage daughter in his care… and then vanishes. Floundering in the face of the fourteen-year-old’s sullen resentment, Ed discovers an ally in a recently arrived deputy sheriff to help him track down the girl’s missing mother. But with the troubled teen raising the specter of his greatest failure as a therapist, he fears any attempt at atonement will only result in tragedy.

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Old Fashioned Foul Play
When a socialite is murdered and starts giving orders to Wanda via Zeus, things are about to explode. The woman was haughty and scornful in life, and not much different in death. Her husband, an alcoholic might have been ready to cut the old broad loose. The new boutique in town is the place to shop, but the owner doesn’t like getting a dressing down from the hoity-toity. And why is the handsome stranger taking a shine to Kelly, the police chief.

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