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SciFi and Fantasy

Drake’s Law
Very hard, slow-burning, contemplative sci-fi with no violence in it, written in the highest traditions of intellectual science fiction. Test pilot Michael Almers has always believed that the terms of the Drake Equation make alien life an inevitability, and he intends to be the first human to contact an extraterrestrial intelligence. He and his co-captain, rocket engineer Sally Ledford, want to go to the asteroid belt to chase their ambitions in space, but their ship only has 7,000 m/s delta-v. When salvager Ryan Pinkerton approaches them with an offer that will get them to the belt for free, it seems almost too good to be true.

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The Starship Sneak
The first was for him and his father to fight injustice as a pair of ace attorneys. That dream shattered on the day his father left, but since then Rance had done nothing to fix it. The second was to date his childhood friend, the beautiful, intelligent, and most amazing Kayley. Naturally, he had done nothing to make this happen, either. And now she and the rest of his friends were leaving to continue their education. In two months, Rance would be alone… again.

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