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Merciless Past
Private investigator Asha Kade gets a surprise invitation from an old friend in New Hampshire. Victoria has found true love. Asha can’t wait to see her again and meet the groom she’s been gushing about. A man Victoria’s known for only six months. But as a trafficked survivor, Asha knows to trust her instincts. The minute she arrives at the private ski chalet where the wedding will take place, she realizes something is wrong.

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The Perfect Suitor
Will he mend her broken heart? Or does he have a darker plan? Three years after the tragic death of her wonderful husband, Charlene continues to mourn. As she struggles to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, she meets Samuel. Handsome and educated, this charming man is the perfect suitor, and Charlene slowly lets her guard down and opens her heart to him.

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The Puzzle Maker
Agent Abby Kane heads to Yuba City, where six months out of the year, thick fog engulfs the town allowing a killer to operate freely in nature’s camouflage. As Abby’s investigation progresses, she discovers something puzzling, perhaps even impossible. The killer might be blind. How can a blind man kill so easily and get away with it? It’s not an easy question to answer. To complicate matters, the killer has a unique calling card. He meticulously removes the skin from the backs of his victims—no easy feat for someone with perfect vision—unbelievable for someone with a visual impairment.

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