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Purrfect Trap
Life had been going swimmingly, as life usually does in Hampton Cove, when suddenly disaster struck. Odelia had scheduled a surprise visit to Vena Aleman. Vena is our local vet, and a master at inflicting pain and suffering. And as it happens she was about to have a field day, for I’d been troubled by a toothache, and this fact had not escaped Vena. So when those awful abductions happened I should have seen them coming, but I was still under the influence of my pain meds. Is it any wonder, then, that Dooley and I were captured by those awful catnappers? I blame Vena, to be honest, though of course that fiendish woman would deny all responsibility, and blame everything on the bad guys.

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Ashes: A World’s Fair Saga
Well’s Peake, 1810. Aleksandar Scott, a promising young inventor, hopes to build his future at the first-ever World’s Fair — until his invention falls into the hands of a mysterious masked man. After the disturbing murders of fellow innovators come to light, he fears for his life as the city turns dangerous and more suspicious of him. Aleksandar must discover a way to stop his creation before a madman unleashes a night of ashes and death upon the town of Well’s Peake.

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