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SciFi and Fantasy

In my dreams, Odin whispers to me. He tells me I’m destined to wield a legendary sword. He tells me my road will bring me to Valhalla. But when I wake, I’m only Hervor. Fatherless. Unloved. Unwanted. Jarl Bjartmar, my grandfather, calls me cursed. My mother, her memories stolen by the gods, has forgotten me. Everyone tells me I should have been left to the wolves, but no one will tell me why.

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Investigation, Mediation, Vindication
On the other side of town, vampire Lucia Borghesi is having a terrible century. Stripped of her throne and banished from Italy, she’s now somehow found herself in a dispute with the local demigod of nightmares and terror. And to top it all off, the long-time city mediator has been assassinated and her second-in-command just hired a human to fill that role. If he wants to survive, John will need to prove his value to Lucia and her people while keeping that demigod from sucking San Diego into an unnamed hell dimension. And he’ll have to work fast, because his beloved Corolla is parked curbside in Logan Heights, like an open invitation to the neighborhood’s graffiti enthusiasts.

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A Distant Earth
When interstellar travelers discover a planet teeming with life but devoid of humanity and art, they send an armada of spacecraft hoping to recruit some of Earth’s indigenous people to settle the new world. Instead, their advance-ship encounters oceans full of plastic garbage, Native American resistance, and a right-wing agitator named Bram Roberts Trenchant. Trench and his followers hate all aliens and believe they intend to destroy America by exploiting what Trenchant calls “the lie of climate change.” He vows to capture the spacecraft commander and execute her as a warning that all aliens must GET OUT. In the end, only a pair of conflicted teens may be able to save the commander and her mission.

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