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For Harper Calwell, family is the glue that has bound her life together since the death of her father. So when her brother announced that he wanted to pursue his dream of opening a coffee shop, she left her own aspirations to help him achieve his goal. Harper tells herself the work is rewarding, but the days drag on, and somewhere she feels she is cheating herself out of her own life.

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A Bride for Noah
Until his father’s death, Noah Adams believed the large piece of land gifted to him on his twenty-first birthday is legally his. Suddenly he discovers a condition comes with the ‘gift’. For the land to become lawfully his, Noah must marry within four weeks or lose everything. With no local women available, he has few choices. Mary Stanton is impoverished and barely surviving. After deciding he can no longer support his spinster daughter, her father promises her to a lecherous man whom she barely escaped in the past. When the chance of entering a proxy marriage is offered, Mary jumps at the chance.

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