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The Fake Museum
Master thief Brady Dillinger has a plan. Greedy millionaire Malcolm Lessaker has created a fake museum to avoid paying taxes on his art collection, and Brady wants to teach him a lesson. Assembling a team of old pros and one feisty newcomer, Brady plans the perfect heist, but forgets to consider the Russian mob. Soon people are pointing guns at him, and his payday is in jeopardy. Will he be able to get out of this situation with the art and his life?

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US UK and CA

Nothing to Lose
On the final leg of her journey to deliver justice to the home invader to killed her parents and put her in a coma, Kayla arrives in Australia under duress. She knows who killed her parents and why, and now she fears he’ll get to her, her grandmother, and Martin before she’s able to find the priceless gem he claims her parents stole. But she knows better.

$0.99! Click Here!
US UK and CA

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