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Alexandra gets a shot at both, millions of admirers and the hotshot singer’s heart, but nothing ever comes for free. She loses everything to land a spot with Project Viper as their new bassist— Hold it. Alexandra’s a singer who’s never held a bass guitar in her life. Alone and reeling from a tragedy that altered her whole life, she’s desperate for a fresh start and a new family. Mastering the bass and impressing five hardcore rockers, all in only six months, is doable. Really. And it’s okay that Marshall absolutely hates her. No big deal at all.

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Propelled both by fear of a stalker and her brother’s last wishes, Amber Newman is on the run and delivering a letter to her brother’s buddy, who she’s had a crush on for three years. Werewolf Samuel Winston has just returned from Afghanistan when his buddy’s cute little sister shows up at his house. She’s always been off limits — but now his buddy’s last letter asks him to protect her for the next thirty days. He’ll definitely protect her, while he tries to keep the secret that might send her running from him, right when she needs his help now more than ever! Add in a little dog, townsmonsters, and a smelly troll, and you have a recipe for love, laughter — and possibly disaster.

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