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Steamy Romance

Rider Forbidden
Am I mad moving back home after all this time? Probably. But I owe it to my son – he needs a family . . . needs more than just me. I am determined to make a life for him here, where he is surrounded by people he loves. If dad wants me to work at the racetrack, sure I can do that, until I get on my feet. Shame that he works there, shame that he thinks he’s the dog’s bo**ocks. Talk about Jekyll and Hyde he was so nice when he helped me out on our first meeting but as soon as he discovered who I was – well, let’s just say that the gloves were off. He wants my dad’s money? Well, he’s going to have to endure working with me.

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Lucky Charm
Both my desire for Aisling… And her beauty are unmatched. But she kept a BIG secret from me. A cute little girl who resembles me a little too much for coincidence. I’ve missed years of being her dad – and now I’m mad as h*ll. Not even Aisling can stop me from being the father my girl deserves. But when it comes to Aisling’s guarded heart… I’ll let my Irish luck take me straight to her sweet pot of gold – she thinks she can resist me. I’d like to see her try.

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