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High Spirits
Notorious but lovable con artist Dani Silver is fresh off yet another successful, rollicking scam when she receives a curious email. Some tipster says he’s got a lead on a million-dollar bottle of whiskey—and would Dani mind teaming up to snag it? Well, no—since her informant has no idea where it is, she’d rather do it herself. It seems the museum quality hooch has been appropriated from the original collectors, who would pay a handsome ransom—if not full price—to get it back. At the cost of a mere $20,000, Dani hires the finest criminal artists money can buy, counterfeits the distinctive bottle, and fills it with supermarket booze, knowing it’ll never be opened.

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A Richer Dust Concealed
This is a tale that spans four centuries, revolving around the fabulous Most Holy Cross of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. This priceless artifact is buried in Cyprus in 1570, to hide it from the invading Ottoman Turks. An Italian squire named Girolamo Polidoro is witness to the secret hiding place of the treasure, the beauty of which is forever burned into his mind. Polidoro leaves a diary in Venice, the end of which is a coded message of the cross’s whereabouts.

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