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SciFi and Fantasy

Lake Of Sins
Trinity’s only hope of escape lies in the forest. She’s not afraid of the creatures that live there. There’s nothing bigger than foxes in those woods, except this time something is different. This time she’s hunted from land and sea by predators that should only exist in legends.
Surrounded by three enemies. Surrender is her only option, but which one should she choose?

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The Conquest of Kiynan
An ancient Conjurer escapes from his imprisonment in the spirit world. Bent on revenge, he raises an army of demons draped in stolen flesh and bones. In a desperate bid to stop him, the magical Houses of Ornland seek help from their long-alienated kin on Kiynan. Among them is Kayla Freeland, a young woman who may be the key to unlocking the long-forgotten magic of the fallen House Calm, perhaps the only means of stopping the demons.

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