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SciFi and Fantasy

Silently in the Night
A plethora of enthralling plots that will suit fans of all ages and tastes, with stories varying from domestic not-quite-bliss, to an alternate Watership Down, a psychological thriller, a ghost story and a bit of ‘sci-fi not-so-funny after all’ to suit your every mood.

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The Cracked Altar
The Grand Mage of Caragol is the most dangerous man in the realm, so when Kerstin steals his spellbook right out of his tower she lights up a firestorm of trouble. His fury rages through the city of Klomm. Houses burn. Innocents lie slaughtered in the streets. Yet countless lives are a petty sum for such great deal of power. With the spellbook, Kerstin can contend with the unspeakable horrors conjured by the Grand Mage.

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