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SciFi and Fantasy

Traces of Sulfur
Blakethorne Academy is the premier training ground for warriors. Every person here will one day be a member of the angelic Guard. As a demon, it’s the last place I should ever step foot. But I couldn’t exactly say no when they handed me an engraved invitation to attend. Access like this doesn’t come around every day. My people are in peril, and walking among these angels could give me what I need to save them. I just need to keep my true identity a secret.

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Forgotten magic. An alternate dimension. One girl must recover her past to save their future… For as long as she can remember, Hannah has considered herself to be average. But when she steps through a magical portal and discovers she’s actually a princess, she realizes her ordinary life was merely for her own protection. There’s a dark force brewing in her true home, and recalling the magic of her former life is the only way to prevent its annihilation.

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Rebel Slave
Charles Raptor is a White Shield, a deadly professional soldier paid by a corrupt regime to fight its forever wars. But after eighteen years of watching good men die for nothing and evil triumph, it’s time to walk away, to seek a life of peace with a new wife in the country of his birth. But war isn’t finished with Charles Raptor. Falsely convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, torn from his family, sold into slavery to a tribe of man-hating dwarves, Charles is condemned to a life of servitude and humiliation — a fate worse than death that has broken many a man who thought himself strong.

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