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Love is a Lyric
Ben Evans is famous. Not one-hit-wonder famous. His name falls off the lips of every girl with breath in her lungs. And none of that stops his heart from shattering when he finds his girlfriend/singing partner cheating on him with his best friend. He thought they were destined, fate, because the lyrics she poured her soul into fit the notes in his head. But what if none of it was true? Piper Hayes is a nobody. Not just a fade-into-the-background nobody. The only time anyone acknowledges her is when her sister needs a coffee or someone to blame for her mistakes. None of that stops her from seeing him. Ben. Every time he sings the lyrics her sister pretends to have written, she wants to end the lie.

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Mail-Order Deception
Ellie wants a story—the one story—that will make her name bigger than Nellie Bly’s. She’ll do anything to get it. Lie, masquerade as someone else … even walk away from a man she could love. Treasury Agent Jim West wants to break the Irish Mob and will do anything to see it fall—lie, masquerade as someone else…even sacrifice love for law and order. Blinded by ambition, what will it take for these two to see past the masks they’re wearing and discover true love?

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Romance in the Rockies Books 1 – 6
Rich with gritty drama and historical detail, these are the stories of three beautiful, Christian sisters. Ranging in ages and life experiences, who find themselves stranded in a godless Colorado boomtown. The men want to tame them.

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