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Steamy Romance

I thought I would spend the holidays binge-watching my favorite TV shows and eating bonbons while trying to come up with an idea for my next award-winning article. That was until I received a call from an old friend who made me a proposition I couldn’t afford to refuse. So now, I’m ending the year with one of the most mysterious and private families on Earth. When I arrive at the family mansion, my friend, Bryn, is nowhere to be found, and it’s her eldest brother Jasper who welcomes me with un-opened arms.

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Protecting You
Grace Miles misses her easy friendship with Asher, but growing up means growing apart. And really, how could he fall for her when they spent their childhood getting muddy in the creek and splitting sticks of gum? But this summer, something feels different. If Grace didn’t know better, she’d think Asher was flirting with her. Those dark eyes, hard body, and wicked smile make her insides swirl and her heart dare to hope for things she’s convinced herself she’ll never have.

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Can’t Help Falling in Love
Meet the Graysons, three of Cheyenne, Wyoming’s most eligible bachelors. Twin brothers Luke and Matt, along with their cousin Dean are all about to fall—hard. When Snowflakes Fall—Single dad Luke Grayson can’t resist the gorgeous new pediatrician who’s keeping a big secret. Like Fresh Fallen Snow—Divorced cop Matt Grayson meets the woman of his dreams days before moving 1200 miles away.

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