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SciFi and Fantasy

The City Below
These only exist as whispered stories for the people of the City Below, humanity’s final habitat located beneath the snowy surface. Ruled by the ruthless Jonas family for generations, its citizens are fed lies by King Edmond, who controls the largest section of city and its army of guards. But the leaders of other sections begin to question the city’s history and King Edmond’s divinity, and their children dream about escaping through the guarded tunnels to learn the truth…

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A Bounty with Strings
In a blue-collar steel town…these bounty hunters needed more than their powers. Were they in over their heads? From the roof of the business park, the six-story height gave Zack a perfect view of the club. The bounty was clear – dead or alive, and knowing what he did about this particular Earth Elemental, it would likely be the former. He was ready but didn’t expect guests.

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