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The Magic Of Creative Thinking
For years and years in every possible framework we have been taught to think within the lines, but it’s time for a wakeup call. We must free ourselves from the fixed ways of thinking and encourage the creative potential with which we were born. You will learn how to initiate and lead processes, how to make breakthroughs, face your fear of change, swim against the current, dare, be open to adventure, and surprise your surroundings – but most importantly, yourself!

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Acts of Achievers
We know we are not where we want to be and have not achieved our dreams. Some of us think we don’t have what it takes and that achieving our goals is too daunting. We may have experienced painful failures in the past. Or maybe we think it’s not yet the time to make our move, so we delay taking any action. The rest of us may think in terms of luck. We feel we were not born with a silver spoon, have no opportunities around us, or are not endowed with any natural talent. The list goes on.

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