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EMP: San Antonio
When the nation falls, who will rise from the ashes?

After an EMP explodes over the United States, Kora Clark, an ambitious rookie cop, finds herself leading a revolution in a lawless city. Looting, murder, and the worst of mankind bubble to the surface of our broken nation. From an invading foreign army to cut-throat gangsters, multiple factions vie for power in the explosion’s aftermath. Now our country’s survival hinges on San Antonio’s success: can Officer Clark maintain order or will the powerless city consume her like it has millions of others?

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US UK and CA

Boogie Beach
Two bars, one magical and one human, lie in the exact same space. That should work. It’d better; I run those joints and we’re under attack. I live a pretty weird life—as in gods in speedos, powerful witches with little patience for mere humans, and shifters whose vibrations make my guts quake. Plus, an oceanside bar and a magical book run my existence. Beach life and eccentric are besties. The record picked me, Cleopatra O’Keefe, to be the next Keeper. I took over the book and started chronicling the intersection and occasional asininity of the human and magical worlds. That’s when eccentric plunked its butt on the deck next to mine and we careened into the world of funky oddities seasoned with occasional mayhem.

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US UK and CA

The Perfect Daughter
Rain pounds the windscreen in the pitch-black evening. She knows this winding country road like the back of her hand, dodges the potholes with ease. But then she hears a crunch. A thud.
Since Katie’s dad left it’s just been the two of us, but we’re a team – singing in the kitchen at cheesy pop songs, tackling her homework. My teenage daughter is everything to me.
But one night, as we’re curled up in front of the TV, the messages start. I keep my phone away from Katie so she can’t see the terrifying words: I know what you did. Now you’re going to do something for me…

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US UK and CA

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