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Steamy Romance

Joaquin Fuertes
Joaquin is afraid of no one. He doesn’t have to be. His position with the Cartel keeps him one step ahead of everything. But nothing he’s experienced has prepared him for the woman in red who would capture his attention, and eventually, his heart.Sofia is living the dream. Night after night she delivers a standout performance as a actress and singer, gaining accolades from near and far, but when a handsome stranger starts leaving her flowers and notes after every performance, some of her business associates and friends are alarmed.When Joaquin and Sofia meet, sparks fly.

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Redemption of a Slave
As an omega in the 1800’s, Dante’s life was never going to be an easy one. Kept as a slave and sold from one master to another, Dante has suffered far too much cruelty, and even he would admit that the harshness of life has turned him from a civilised, obedient omega into a broken man bent on violence and revenge. Antoine Calvet has lived a blessed life. The alpha son of a wealthy farmer, he is an anomaly among his own gender, wanting to use his position to protect those he cares about, rather than flaunting either his money or his power. So when Antoine meets Dante at a slave auction, his heart goes out to the bruised and battered man, unwilling to leave him to endure even more suffering.

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Ugly Truths
Ex-model and current business troubleshooter Kate McKenzie has been enlisted to help out a physical therapist whose business is failing. There’s just one problem. The business is located in her old hometown of Angel Peaks, and the man in question is her childhood arch-nemesis who she’d rather see die a painful and messy death.

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