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Steamy Romance

A Deal with the Rakish Duke
Lady Eleanor is a spinster. A shameless, foxy spinster, who is terrified of the prospect of marriage. But there is one thing she absolutely must achieve this Season: find a suitable gentleman for her younger sister. And keep her away from rakes. The gossip columns are wrong. Isaac Brown, the Duke of Gouldsmith, is not looking to get married. Infamous for his rakish ways, the secret to his heart lies in his past—a past no one can ever know. After he asks Eleanor for a dance, he never expected to make a devilish deal with her: pretend to be courting to escape gossip.

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The Accidental Kiss
In this San Francisco neighborhood, a kiss at sunset means you might find your true love. Two best friends are about to find out if the legend is real. When Charley Young spreads the word that Dylan has kissed a woman at sunset and is now engaged, her prank sets off a sequence of events. Her intent was to keep single women away from the hunky firefighter, but it has other, far-reaching consequences. Because Charley doesn’t quite know how to break the news to Dylan, but he’s been kissed at sunset. By her. The last time she was in the city one year ago. It was an accident. Seriously. She’s not kidding.

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The Lying Game
3 Reasons Why I’m F*cked: I am not officially enrolled in this college, so one wrong move could ruin everything. My abusive dad has tracked me down and is trying to worm his way back into my life. The college’s hockey God is a raging sociopath with a hard-on for my destruction. Otherwise… life is great. I thought running away from my pathetic drunken excuse of a father would help me escape the past. Then I bumped into Stone.

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