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SciFi and Fantasy

Dragon in the Mirror
Worry over money has plagued Jayden’s parents. Then one night, she overhears something worse: Mom has cancer. When Jayden’s long-time friend, Wyndham the Knight, invites her to visit for the first time, she sprints towards the opportunity to meet the knight and his dragon. In Canonsland, Jayden’s warmly greeted by Wyndham’s family. Not to mention, the scenery of green meadows and blue-leafed weeping willows, isn’t bad either.

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US UK and CA

Fractured Souls
When Cassius Black moves to San Francisco for a fresh start, the angel’s hopes of staying below the radar of the supernatural organizations that oversee the otherworldly and magic users in the city are dashed when he stumbles across a dead body in the sewers. His grim discovery soon puts him in the sights of the Argonaut Agency and Francis Strickland, the bureau director who knows his darkest secrets.

$0.99! Click Here!
US UK and CA

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