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Steamy Romance

Life Hack
For the past ten years, Hack Humphrey has been one of the most eligible bachelors. Now, he’s turning forty and craving to find someone who likes him as a man, not only as the powerful billionaire he’s become. Yanina Suarez is the daughter of a Colombian politician embarked on a war against a drug lord, who used to be Yanina’s sweetheart before turning to the wrong path. When the Colombian government kidnaps the drug lord’s sister, Yanina is forced to escape – or become a spoil of war.

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Love is What You Bake of it
The only love Kally Andarakis is baking is in the form of the sweet treats she whips up in her café, The Coffee Klatch. Kally never believed herself to be a person worthy of love, but when an intoxicating man she considered out of her league pursues her, she risks everything to be with him. Later, when tragedy strikes, truths are revealed that leave Kally brokenhearted and untrusting. Eight years later, Kally is a successful pastry chef running the café she’d always dreamed of owning. With a home of her own, a profession she’s passionate about, and the support and love of friends and family, Kally is content with the life she has carved out for herself.

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No Time for Caution
Riona Araby is a barista with a “connected” family, a dirty book tucked under her pillow, and a secret desire to meet Master Right. Captain James Hardin — once of the US Naval Special Warfare Development Group and now of no fixed address — has blood on his hands, and a price on his head. On the run from one of the world’s most dangerous criminals, the Captain has few allies, many enemies, and no options. To make matters worse, his flight’s delayed.

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Secret Baby 4 the SEAL’s
“WARNING. Your new boss is your baby’s daddy who went MIA five years ago.” Now, Captain Delicious daddy and his band of 3 hunks-in-arms want me to play the damsel. Four skilled and dangerous men hell-bent on worshiping every inch of me. Kris, with his no nonsense stoic attitude. Adam, with his playful smile and wise cracking charm. Liam, with his chiseled jawline and intimidating stature. And Charlie, the soft spoken genius with abs on loan from Adonis himself.

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