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Steamy Romance

First Quiver
Immortality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially for the 3,375-year-old virgin of Mount Olympus. Day after day, the God of Love launches his arrows, then watches from the sidelines while everyone else has all the fun. On a mischievous whim, Cupid sends a love-tipped arrow into the wrong rump—and the gods sentence him to a taste of his own medicine.

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Always Infuriating Always Tempting
Teddy Anderson had a fool-proof plan. Famous last words, right? She would breeze through her last year teaching and then make her break out to Hollywood. Too bad the new principal at her school is Rhett Kline, former Copper Springs golden boy and the same guy who ghosted Teddy after she forked over her V-card their senior year. He’s still got that great head of hair and the kind of dimples that could make a girl swoon. He’s also still got that aggravating swagger and over-confidence that could make a girl punch him square in the jaw.

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Irish Doctor’s Valentine
Dr. Casanova. That’s the ridiculous name I’ve been given by the media. Now my days are filled with suggestive grins And flirtatious winks from patients. It’s all a distraction because I’ve got my sights set on one enchanting beauty. It’s a docuseries about your career as an OB/GYN, they said. We’ll keep your personal life out of it, they said. Bollocks!! Letting my brothers sign me up for the docuseries may have totally screwed things up for me. Amelia’s mesmerizing eyes and luscious curves are all I desire. But she’d never never go for the media famous “playboy” doctor.

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