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Wired In
MMA fighting computer hacker Special Agent Sophie Ang catches a child kidnapping case that twists her heart with memories from her past. Meanwhile, her rogue data analysis program identifies a pattern that leads her into a cat-and-mouse game online with a deadly vigilante whose motives are unclear. The chase lures Sophie into a confrontation with the violence from her past that sent her fleeing to the United States. She’ll need every skill she’s learned, all of her friends in Hawaii, and her beloved dog Ginger, too, as she faces her worst nightmare.

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Five seemingly unrelated stories become entwined during the course of a single night in this climactic novella. It all starts when Darya and her boyfriend Brian witness a man being held at gunpoint on the side of the highway. Despite Brian’s protests, Darya follows the perpetrator, determined to stop him somehow. The chase ensues until events begin to spiral out of control, mistakes are made, and people are forced to choose who lives and who dies.

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