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Rafferty’s Rules
In the middle of a burger-store holdup, the only thing standing between ten-year-old Vivian Mollison and certain death is a police officer named Rafferty. She lives. He gets fired. Fast-forward fifteen years. Vivian’s parents are wealthy beyond counting while Rafferty spends his days as a private investigator, hustling on the streets of Dallas. So when he gets an out-of-the-blue phonecall from the Mollisons, Rafferty figures his long-awaited payday might have finally arrived.

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Dig Up Through Within
In the fall of 2005, devils chased Lizbeth Shannon across nightmarish acres and deep into the bowels of hell. Not actual devils, only personal demons. And hell meant the seediest underbelly of L.A., where she walked among clever predators and outright ghouls. Discarded and homeless after her girlfriend, Dell—a hospice nurse—finally grew a spine and tossed the “energy vampire” out the door and smack into the jaws of the street wolves.

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Unicorn Magic
Craft Donuts is finally a reality for Kinsley. Laney is three, and she’s beginning magical preschool just in time for the donut shop’s grand opening. Hekate is happy to have grandma and grandpa all to herself for a few hours a day. Kinsley’s excitement over her restaurant is cut short when a body is found in the bathroom during the grand opening celebration. Of course, she’s not an official suspect, but when did that ever stop the small-town gossip train? Her new business is about to be deep-fried before it even opens.

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